I teach informal, friendly mosaic workshops in my home studio. They include a good home-made lunch and copious amounts of tea! Making mosaics is very relaxing and people enjoy chatting too! I love sharing my materials and having students gives me a good excuse to add to my collection - at the moment I've got glass and ceramic tiles, coloured glass, gems, mirrors, sand and various other delicious bits and bobs!

Many people start out with a project in mind, be it a certain image or motif, or a decorative item like coasters or a house numbers. It's also fine to turn up without an idea - I have many resources to get you inspired! I can always help with drawing out ideas and decisions about the best materials to use.

It is fascinating to see my students develop their skills and find their own styles. Many have become quite adventurous! It is surprising what you can mosaic - currently my students have mirror frames, terracotta pots and saucers, a jug, trays and coasters, even a car wheel trim all under construction. They continue to inspire me and give me ideas for my own work.

"So therapeutic - better than a spa day!"

"Gets your creative juices pumping!"

"5* food!"

How long does it take?

Realistically you need at least two days to finish a piece, because you can't grout until your glue is dry! But of course, it depends on the size, style and complexity of your piece - some pieces do not need grouting.

Workshops are usually 4 to 8 people encompassing all levels of experience.




January: Friday 24th, Saturday 18th

February: Saturday 1st, Tuesdays 11th, 25th, Thursday 6th, Friday 21st,

March: Saturday 7th, Tuesday 24th, Thursday 19th, Friday 13th

Classes run between 10:30 and 17:00 and cost £35 per day (plus materials on finishing), including a home-cooked lunch. Please contact me to find out more.